Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have ended up with a few books to share so I'll just do a quick run-down:

BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker: Great book if you like the thrilling/chasing down the serial killer type book with a little more. If you are familiar with Dekker's style you know there's always some strange twistiness... These are not for the light of heart...

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: My big suggestion- if you like sci fi-ish books, but are tired of all the language and unnecessary violence in "adult books", take a look at the youth or young adult sections!  I LOVE reading "kids" books!  These authors have come up with some amazing ideas for books without all the unnecessary junk!  In this series (yes there's more than one, and I'm currently reading the second, Catching Fire), the author describes a country separated into 12 Districts who, due to an uprising that wiped out the 13th District, are required to participate in the Hunger Games, where one participate is chosen from each district to be put in an enclosed area to fight to the death.  The citizens are required to celebrate this terrible "game" their leaders put on to remind them of the leaders' control.  I feel I've really not done the best job at laying out this premise so if you love futuristic sci-fi different world type books, check it out online, at your library or somewhere! It was a great book and the author did a great job with this premise. I was a bit worried at how the actualy games would play out, but it was very tasteful and well thought.

The Dome by Stephen King: I'm wary of Stephen King's books as I tend to expect them to be just horror filled terrors!  This was another premise that I loved though, and I couldn't skip it. What might happen to a small town if an invisible dome suddenly closes it off from the rest of the world?  No one or thing (and almost no air or water) can make it in or out! I loved the ending, it was such an unexpected reason for the dome's existence. This is an adult book and does have language and violence. I was so put off by the absolute evil in several characters even before the added stress of the dome!  A review on Amazon's website called it a story about the "ugliness of human nature."  It was such an intriguing idea though and SO engaging (I listened to it almost non-stop it seemed!), I'm glad I read it and will be taking a peek at some of King's other books. I'm a bit curious now after looking at Amazon's listing... there's is called Under the Dome and I wonder if the audiobook I listened to was abridged?  It was 35 hours long so i'm not sure...I definitely don't feel like I missed something...

As always, let me know what your thoughts are if you've read any of these or if you have any comments or other reading suggestions!

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