Thursday, October 7, 2010

Large Fold-Over Clutch

Here's my first large fold-over clutch (designed by Keyka Lou Patterns)!
 Same fold-over style, but a larger size.
 It's large enough to be used as a purse; I added my wallet, checkbook, and Mary Kay compact.

 It's even large enough for a wipes case and a diaper if you want a different style of diaper clutch!
 And it still includes that little hidden pocket.
I think this one shows the size a bit better!

But I need a little help...

Button or no button?
 I will have to look for a larger button if I go for it, since I think this one is too small... Vote in the comments below or on the facebook page!

This will be going into my Etsy shop, hopefully before the BIG GIVEAWAY next week at Dance and Be Glad!

1 comment:

  1. I like the button. Then again, most birds have more fashion sense than maybe that means no button?! LOL There, look at all the help I've been :)