Sunday, September 12, 2010

Button Bookmarks

I LOVE these bookmarks that I found here. In case you hadn't noticed, I Love to read, and am always losing my bookmarks. I take it out, lay it down, and who knows where it ends up.These stay put and  are pretty and easy to use. If you have the supplies they are beautiful. I, unfortunately, didn't, so I used what I had onhand!

I used 1/4 inch elastic, making it about 1/2 inch longer than the tutorial suggested, and sewing it together. I sewed on buttons, sewing them slightly overlapping so they aren't too far apart when it stretches.

You can just open your book, keep reading (without taking out the bookmark!) and then slide the pages you've read in under the elastic.

It fits all sizes of books.  Easy Peasy! 
The original is gorgeous and worth taking a look at and buying a few supplies if you read a lot! These will make beautiful gifts for any reader!


  1. wow. I need to get some of these for my sister for Christmas. She would LOVE them!

  2. What a great idea ! ! Always the right size ! ! ! there might be some on my to do list for Christmas....

  3. Thanks, Nanou! i've since added ribbon to the elastic before adding buttons to embellish a little!