Friday, September 3, 2010

Little Notepad

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now on to the Notepad...

I carry a little 3x5 notepad with me in my purse. It contains my price list, a la where I write down the prices for things I usually use so I know when I'm getting a great deal.  I tend to forget what I've paid in the past! I'm a big yard saler so it also contains my lists of the kids' clothes I've bought in larger sizes. It is getting pretty beat up in my purse and I saw this cute little mini list taker on etsy, and based my project on this.
Here's mine:
The ribbon holds it closed.  I love how the peicing turned out- Mainly I was just trying to find cute fabric for it and didn't have enough in all one piece.  The inside fabric took about 6 peices sewn together! 

See how beat up that poor little notebook is? I'm tempted to buy a new one but I don't want to be wasteful...It's a little too short for my mechanical pencil but I have a "normal" pencil that fits perfectly. and it has a perfect little pocket there on the left side for notes or reciepts. Now I need one for my flip top memo pad and my larger mini-journal!  Back to the sewing machine...

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