Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bicycle Bucket

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For my neice's birthday this year, I decided to try out Noodlehead's Bicycle Bucket tutorial. Her blog has lots of cute ideas that are saved in my craft "to do" file! 
Here's how mine turned out...
This tutorial makes a decent sized little bucket that hooks on to the front crossbar of a children's bicycle.

For the A, I printed the size and font I wanted off the computer, then used that to trace it onto my fabric. As I didn't have Heat and Bond, I glued it on with a good old-fashioned glue-stick, then zigzagged around the edges! Wr'll see how that holds up! I also used the one sided bonding interfacing I had on hand and bonded it to the outer fabric of my bucket.

Hopefully the birthday girl will like it too!

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  1. so cute! what a nice auntie you are. :)