Thursday, September 9, 2010

E's new bath tub!

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As our E cannot sit up quite yet, we were getting a bit worried about how to bath him. He's almost too big for the baby bath tub.  So thanks to our great  physical therapist...
Yes, that's a laundry basket!  Set right down in the tub, with thiscomfy bath sponge that he sits and leans on! It works great. Our PT suggested putting non-slip shelf liner under the sponge, but I didn't have any; it worked ok without though I may try putting a wet hand towel under next time.
This would work great for any baby who's getting a little too big for their baby tub but can't quite sit up yet. Or if you just need a safe spot for ypu baby to play while big btother or sister shares the tub! It keeps bath toys from floating so far away as well!

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