Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Watermelon Lime "Licuados" and Slushies

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I have always loved "licuados" or smoothies and in Honduras they were so cheap, I could actually get them frequently! My favorite in Honduras was watermelon with orange juice (Yum, try it!).

In my new found fascination with blogs, I found this delicious recipe to try! It is a very yummy slushy drink with frozen watermelon, ginger ale and limeade. 

I also made my own version (since I was too lazy to go downstairs to my freezer!) that is more smoothie/licuado than slushy. 
Pardon my photo... It's terrible...

I used my blender of course, and added lots of watermelon, as well as the juice that accumulates at the bottom of your bowl when you have cut watermelon, a big scoop of frozen limeade concentrate, and a handful or so of ice.  Blend it all together!

My husband loves both these recipes too!  Delicious and very refreshing! 

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