Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cheap Upcycled Baby Doll Bed!

Anybody buy these clementines?
I saw this crate after we took out the clementines and thought, 'I can use it to store stuff!'
My smart hubby saw this and thought, "Its a baby bed!"
My little girlie is thrilled beyond belief!

And it was SO simple!
Daddy cut a rectangle of cardboard for the "headboard" and glued it on.
They decorated it with markers (most is on the other side, and then L got bored... :).
 i had the beginnings of a pillowcase from a big bag of fabric from my grandma (and luckily that's what L chose!) so I folded an old kitchen towel, basted around it and then sewed it into the pillowcase to make a mattress.  We soon realized that L though this was a pillow as she kept leaning it up on the headboard, so I whipped up a pillow with a little pillowcase too (not pictured).

Add a little fleecy blanket (also from grandma Lena- Great Grandma to L!) and Viola!  A free little baby bed! 

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  1. What a great idea!!! My girls would love this. Hey, I was wondering too, if you could make a few gender neutral bib clips for me to purchase for the holidays. Let me know!