Monday, December 20, 2010

Mei Tei roll-up

I don't usually do this many posts, but I'm having trouble with the networked blogs thing (auto posting to facebook) and wanted to test it again!

I had this little brainstorm about my hooded mei tei I made. It was feeling a little awkward to carry with all those straps hanging around, and my first move was to stuff it into a little tote bag  I had.  This worked well, but later I wondered if the hood couldn't be used to turn it into a little pouch of its own. And Viola! 
Here's the way I did it:
Start by laying your mei tei out and folding all the straps into the center.
Roll it up into the thirds (main body only).

Then wrap your hood over.

Flip it and tie your hood strings togehter to make a handy little package with everything tucked away UN annoyingly inside!

See how small and compact it becomes?!
Now if you have a purchased meitei... I guess you're stuck with the little tote bag idea.  How do you carry your carrier?

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