Wednesday, September 5, 2012

E's school bag!

My oldest son E (with C-ACC) went for his first day of school today at the intermediate units 3-5 classroom.  Sniff Sniff.  He needed a bag for his cup, snack, diapers, tubes, etc, so I decided to sew him a little bag.  I first had planned on a backpack, but switched it to a little messenger bag, the perfect size for his school needs.  
 I gave it two elastic topped pockets inside, currently holding diapers and wipes, and sunscreen. And lots of room left in the main part for burp clothes, extra clothes etc. 

 There are 2 front pockets as well, currently for his G-tube necessities.  

 And the standard full back pocket that carries his folder for notes from the teacher or therapists.  

I attached one side of the strap with snaps, (which will hopefully be long enough!) to give me some flexibility with the length. I want to be able to hang it around his stroller or wheelchair (which we don't have yet) so i figured I may need to shorten it, especially if (WHEN!) we get to the point where he can carry it around himself.  

I am in love with the size and  how it turned out and may need to whip up another for a dedicated diaper bag- right now, a huge purse takes care of both, but I have been wanting something different.

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