Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sew your own leggings!

I had the chance to test a pattern for Andrea at Go To Patterns, a site with lots of downloadable patterns for men, women and children.  The one i got to try out was the Go To Leggings Pattern. (Use my affiliate link here or click on the ad on the sidebar to use my link!)

I love that there are so many options!  Just look at that list!  

We chose to do the peekaboo leggings. Once your pattern is printed, cut out and taped, these come together SO quickly!  The waistband elastic is such a simple method (one I'll be using again!). These are simple enough for a beginner project.

Disclaimer: my pictures are awful. Super quickies... and I was lazy and didn't put on the bows yet... :) and don't mind my daughter's crazy hair... anyway...

 I love the way the peekaboos look on capris (as in the designers photo), they do get a bit lost on the longer ones, at least until she gets a smidge taller.  And plus she keeps trying to use them as stirrup pants.... is that coming back around or just in her head?!

Below is the option with the attached skirt and capris.  I love the way these patterns are sized, there is so much room for them to grow. She definitely will be able to wear these for a few years.  

One of the things I love best about sewing clothes?  These outfits cost me 29 cents and 58 cents respectively! (Plus thread and elastic- unless you too save elastic you cut off your husbands old boxer briefs before they go out with the trash...) They are upcycled from clothes I found at our Goodwill which has sales on certain tag colors. 

Depending on how you cut, you can save a little work by using existing hems (which i did on this striped skirt and leggings above)! 

At first I wondered if I would be able to fit a pair of leggings- but it worked!  the flowered ones above are from a size large womens shirt. And for the longer pair, I used a knit nightshirt.  You can always find knit pants or dresses to reuse as well. 

I would definitely recommend this pattern! With so many sizes and options, it will last you for many years to come! Check out her shop for this and other patterns!

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