Friday, December 28, 2012

Handmade Christmas 2012

So L's big gift this year was a new princess dress... I'd like to say NEVER AGAIN, but last time I said that I ended up making TWO more...!  It turned out great but took a lot of time.

Presenting... Princess Belle!
The bodice ended up a bit long, so I may tack it up for now.  All the ruffles make the skirt so pretty, and my favorite part is the shirring- the gold panel in the front. There is also one in the back, and this allows her to pull the dress right over her head.  No velcro or other closure needed!  It will grow with her as well! I did skip a few details, like the swoop accent on the skirt and the poof around the shoulders, but I think it's "Belle" enough for a play dress!

I used the tutorial from Homemade Toast. I definitely won't make a princess dress without the shirring again! It's definitely worth the time investment! I have fabric for a Rapunzel dress as well, but wanted her to try on Belle before sewing it up.  We'll see when I get to that one...

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