Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bubble shorts for L

I won some Peek a Boo patterns a LOOOONG time ago and even bought a couple on sale and have finally gotten around to sewing them! (I thought this was my first, but realized I did a Hang Out Hoodie a year or two ago...).

So L has about 2 pairs of shorts for this summer. She has lots of little skorts but I figured I'd finally get around to the Bubble Shorts pattern! I made a size larger hoping they would last longer and it is a good thing because they are almost too tight in the cuffs!  The next pair will probably be an inch or so longer and I will probably have to add a half inch or so to the cuffs.  

I made these shorts out of a mens shirt that I got in my stash of stuff from Sunshine Connection here in town - 50 cents for a bag of clothes so I'm thinking it cost me.... maybe a nickel?  LOVED the color and was so glad when L picked it for these shorts!  I still have lots of fabric left over so we'll see if I can sneak something out of it for the baby! 

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