Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Book ReviewL NIV Essentials Study Bible

I was able to snag an ebook review copy of this study bible, the NIV Essentials Study Bible. As an ebook, this has a really nice layout.  There are many menus in the front, including lists of links to the different kinds of helps and devotionals. The books of the Bible are linked as well as each chapter for easy access, which makes using this as your only Bible during sermons much more possible. This would be a good Bible for beginners to ebook Bibles as well, as the introduction includes a brief tutorial on how to navigate to specific passages and supplementary materials. One thing I really like about this version is that the supplementary materials are not interspersed throughout the chapter as they are in a typical printed Bible.  Rather, they are in a section at the end of each book of the Bible and hyperlinks are included in the readings.  So one can easily read their chosen passage without distractions, and then go back and use the hyperlinks to see applicable supplemental materials.  Or if you prefer, you can jump to them during your reading.

There is an excellent introduction to each book of the Bible as well, and I appreciate the simple layout.  Rather than one long introduction of several pages of info, which can sometimes be hard to follow and read, this Bible's introductions are short and simple, with various sections such as Key Concepts, About the book, Key Verses, Key Teachings, Key Terms, and People to Know. These sections are often simple bulleted points or short descriptions of key terms or people. The supplemental helps seem to be explanations and devotionals to really help one understand the text and explain common questions and cultural differences the text might bring up.

I'd definitely recommend this Bible for those seeking to deepen their faith and study of the Bible. The helpful commentaries and easy to navigate layout make it an excellent choice for an e-Bible.

I recieved an e-copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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