Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Foldable Grocery Bags and Produce Bags!

So everyone has seen the re-usable grocery bags at all the grocery stores... ok, really ANY store sells them now! And you've all heard the hype about how we should all use re-usable bags and help save the environment... have you also heard of how those bags probably have all kinds of bacteria in them?  As cheap as they are, I don't imagine they are easily washable- I have a collection of my own and haven't tried that yet, though they get sprayed with Lysol occasionally... Anyway, I stumbled upon this tutorial from Yarnkgeek (promise, no knitting or yarn involved in this one!) for folding grocery bags.  There are a few other tutorials around too, but this seemed to be among the simplest for me (and plus she doesn't mind if one sells things made from her tutorial... hint hint... let me know if you are interested!).

Here's how mine turned out:

From the tutorial, you can get 2 bags from 1/2 yard!  And they fold up nice and small!

They fold up nice and small (see, about 5 1/2 inches). I have grand plans to make myself more and get rid of my old germy ones. Since these are just cotton, you can chuck them in the washer!  I also plan to make up some kind of little pouch to store them all in. Handy dandy!

I used fabric I had for these (from my Grandma!) but you could buy cheap amazing fabric and make it gorgeous! 

I also thought these produce bags were so cute, so I tried out another tutorial from Daisy Janie.

The 2 sizes of loops allow you to cinch it closed!

And til I make my little pouch, i just folded up the produce bag and tucked it inside the grocery bag! 
So go GREEN and sew up some cute bags!

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