Monday, February 14, 2011

New Purses!

I made a few purses over the last week or two...
First up is my ABSOLUTE favorite bag EVER (sorry runarounds... love you too!).  Its the No.22 Pleats Shoulder Bag designed by  It's HUGE!

I added 2 inside pockets to mine, and am completely LOVING it!

Sparkly buttons!

See how teensy tiny my diaper clutch (on left) looks in there?!
 Since you can't really appreciate how big it is in these photos, check out the link to her etsy shop here; she has great pics that really show off how gorgeous and humongous it is!

Next up is the Aivilo Charlotte Designs Gathered Purse, which is another favorite after seeing it in person!
Its for my lovely cousin who actually picked out the fabric!

It has pockets running the entire length which can be customized to fit cell phone, diapers, wallet, pencils, etc.  (I'll do this one differently next time around... I didn't really like the big diaper pocket, though I didn't test it out...), and....

a matching button closure (my first experience with covering buttons... LOVE IT!).

It's a pretty large bag too!
 And also by the same designer, Aivilo Charlotte Designs, a convertible wristlet!
Zipper pocket
Cash and credit card pockets
If you look closely, you can see the little wristlet strap sticking out on the right. With this one, you also have the option to change the strap to make a mini purse (one strap to each side). Great size to grab and go with enough room for money, cell, and more.  It's bigger than I thought it would be! I think I personally will whip one up to stash my wallet, checkbook, etc in to help organize my larger bag or make it easier to sneak out the door when I finally get a trip out alone!

And of course, just for fun...

Mini Runaround!

Mini Runaround 2!

And 2 more full-size Runarounds for the portfolio...
Stay tuned for the smaller version of the Pleats Shoulder Bag, as well as pricing in case anyone wants one of anything shown!

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  1. I love the bag...I think I am a bag lady...I carry the biggest bags >< My husband laughs at me that I can't find anything in it and yet I have everything in it!

    How is Eli doing? I just read a couple of posts about him, I've never heard of ACC, would love to keep in prayer anything needs your family has!
    Thanks for following/stopping by my blog :)