Monday, September 19, 2011

Binder cover

Scrounging around for another birthday present for my niece, I remembered these awesome notebook covers from Etsy. Being the cheap aunt that I am, I did not want to buy the pattern, but came up with my own...
I added some pretty decorations to the front, ruffles and ribbon. Pink ribbons on the right are the velcro closure.

Loved the idea of having the pockets inside for school doodads riather than a separate pencil case- at least for a few basics...

I upcycled some stretchy denim for that front pocket and sewed in 4 pencil slots.  The bigger denim pocket would be perfect to tuck your pencil sharpener in, or any other little things you need. The pink flowered is also a pocket for longer/larger items.
 I tried to make this fun for my 3rd grade neice, but you could easily do a more grown up version - which might happen someday around here!  It's a great way to cover up old binders (leftovers from college, trainings, etc that have ugly fronts or company logos on!).  I'm so tempted to attempt a home management binder again just to try this... ok not just to try it, but if I do, you can bet I'll be pretty-ing up my binder! A recipe binder is also on my to do list... its a really looooooooong list though.....
I will say, I almost wish I'd just bought the pattern... her's look beautiful and professional and I'm sure her PDF is worth every single penny!  Mine is very simple and basic; no padding etc; so if you want to make your own and don't feel comfortable "winging it" I'd check out her Etsy shop and go with the PDF!

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