Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Handmade Christmas Winner and a Grown-up Gift

And the winner of the Handmade Christmas Most Favorite Gift Award goes to....

Photo from via Google

Yep. It's a bunch of PVC.  About $6 from Lowe's. Which the two boys (and several grown men) turned into these...

Which when comined with some of these:

Equals HOURS of marshmallow shooting fun!

Grammy's porch was covered in marshmallows, her fish in the pond probably swam in a sugar fed frenzy for a while, and she may be finding them around the house for a while thanks to the indoor test run, but even she got in on the fun before the night ended!  All the kids loved them (a few loved eating marshmallows rather than shooting them... "oops, that one fell into my mouth!"  But it was hands down the most popular (and cheapest and easiest!) gift of the night!  

You can print the directions and pvc list here.  

Another of my personal favorites (and hopefully my brother's as he was the lucky recipient!) was this chalkboard painted shelf/memo board!
My dad threw this together from scraps in his shop, and my husband painted it up quick. We used the measurements from this plan at Instead of using pocket screws though, he actually routered in a slot for the shelf and then screwed it in from the back of the shelf, which I believe makes for a sturdier shelf.  We made our own chalkboard paint from Martha Stewart's recipe which I'd recommend!  We spent the same amount on black paint and grout as we would of spent on the same size container of chalboard paint, and now I have a lovely box of grout sitting on my shelf that can make gallons and gallons of any color I want!  Oh, the possibilities... I really want one of these for my kitchen now... Depending on how sturdily you hang it, it could be used for anything... a candle, jackets, keys, etc!

My parents' and sister's gifts will have to wait for another post... I forgot to get out the camera before packaging... oops.  Til next time...


  1. Wait, that's it? Any color paint and grout?

  2. yes! 1 cup paint and 2 tbsp grout!