Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick and Easy Tutu

I finally finished this tutu for L… I ran out of the tulle in the middle, but really it’s a very easy and quick no sew project!

I based it off this tutororial from Samster Mommy. She shares a super quick method using rolls of nylon tulle from a craft store. I didn’t want to wait to get to ours (30 minutes away!) so I bought by the yard from Walmart and modified her method. I ended up using 2 yards for L’s tutu, but you could use more if you wanted it even fuller. If you don’t want your elastic showing at all, you’ll definitely want more than 2 yards, especially if you are making one for a larger child (L is almost 3).tutorial
I bought ½ yard of each the first time I bought it, and folded it in half so I had an approximately 9” wide rectangle. I lined up my 4 inch quilting ruler against the short side, and wrapped the tulle around the ruler, and the cut up both sides, creating 4 inch by 18 inch strips. From there, I followed Samster Mommy’s directions to tie it onto my elastic (which I sewed as she suggested, but later tied in a knot since it was too big; on my second tutu, I just tied it in a knot.
It’s cute, easy, and so much fun to watch L dance around the living room and shake her little bum!

I added this under my saving money label, as this tutu cost me less than 3 dollars to make.  Compare that to the beautiful tutus on or this tutu from Amazon.  You even save money on the less expensive ones  though they are great options if you don't want to do your own.

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