Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jammy Pants

I found some cute jammies at a yard sale last summer, and even was given a few shirts that the woman couldn't find the pants for.

I finally got around to sewing up some pants using some of hubby's old tee shirts! I put it off due to the knit and then since the walking foot I had been waiting for didn't work anyway, tried it without; it worked perfectly of course!  So now that Eli is almost outgrowing them, he finally has some pants for these cute tops!

Making your own pattern for things is not as difficult as it sounds, especially for something as simple as these pants, so give it a try! There are loads of sites that will explain how (click here to sign up for swagbucks and earn prizes for searching!), I love the blog MADE and she posts on how to draw your own (the shirts she explains briefly here are on my to-try list!).  I love that I saved so much money on his Jammies! First getting so many of the shirts for FREE and then adding free pants by reusing some tee shirts!

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