Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fantasy book review

I recieved a copy of The Ale Boy's Feast  by Jeffrey Overstreet for review from Waterbrook Multnomah Press. I love the idea of this book; Several different peoples, including both humans and Beastmen struggle to find a place of freedom from the opression of the Seers (magicians) who control them. I love fantasy and definitely see the potential of this series.  However, I did not realize when requesting this book that it was part of a series and definitely would not recommend starting with this one! I was confused through most of the book, and while i enjoyed it, it was not a satisfying read due to the confusion. I felt like there must have been a lot one misses in the first few books that help oen understand the world the author creates and what is going on. There were several different story lines that eventually came together, but it was confusing to jump back and forth between them. I did really like the concept of the book, and would be interested in reading the first books of the series and then re-reading this one. I think its worth one's time, but definitely read them in order!

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