Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Review! Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord

Faithful Families: Raising Your Kids To Love the LordFaithful Families: Raising Your Kids To Love the Lord by Dave  Stone
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I Loved this book!  There is honestly not much in it that is new and earth shattering, but it is one of those books I think I will keep and reread regularly to make sure I'm on the right path in our parenting journey! The main points of the book are so simple with regards to raising your children to be faithful; things like be an example, prayer, reading and memorizing scripture, etc.  However, it was well written and an excellent reminder of our role in our children's lives as Christian parents.  The author reminds us of our great responsibility in raising our children and with examples from his own family life as well as other families discusses what we can do to fulfill that responsibility.  It is not a long book, but is a lifechanging book for me.  I love that he emphasizes the importance of the husband and wife's relationship as a role model for kids, and he includes an entire chapter each on the importance of the mother's role, and the father's role.  I had recently been looking for some Christian parenting books to get myself back on track with regards to discipline, and laughed and hit myself on the forehead (duh!) when he sums it up in one word: Consistency! While there is that small part on discipline, the majority of the book focuses as the title says, on raising our children to love God.  This book is definitely staying on the home screen of my Nook, and I may just have to buy stacks of them to add to baby shower gifts!  I will definitely be rereading and hopefully finding more by this author.

I recieved a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review.

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