Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pattern Testing: Apple Loungewear!

I think the very first thing I did for Shwin & Shwin was the Apple Loungewear Top and Leggings.  It's a sweatshirt type top with leggings. I wanted to do the high/low hem option but it didn't fit on my "fabric"... I upcycled... a womens top I think?  I can't even remember... I believe the leggings and cuffs and neck cuff were from a pair of women's large capri leggings I got for a couple bucks at the big W. 

(again, terrible pictures... thankfully Shauna at Shwin & Shwin is not picky about pics and just wants to see fit...)

The sleeves were a little long on her so they are rolled up, but I really loved this one! I don't think L has worn it since, but I'd totally wear it in my size! I think it looks like the comfiest thing ever, and so cute on her!  

She really seemed to enjoy wearing it that night... one of these days I'm going to force it on her!  A great thing about this top pattern is that its actually designed to be used with woven fabrics.  Its so loose fitting that it doesn't really need to stretch. So you have so many choices for fabric if you aren't cheap and mostly upcycle...!

And there are pockets!  Sneaky pockets in the side. Anything with pockets is a definite yes in my book... While pockets may be intimidating at first, they are really so simple to add in, especially this kind in the seam.  And who doesn't like places to store your treasures...

I love that its nice and long. I'm definitely in the "leggings are NOT pants" camp.  I figure there's no use allowing it now, when she's six and skinny as a stick if I'm going to be not allowing it later...

Super simple and cute.  We have a new baby on the way, in case you haven't heard, and if she's a girl, this is definitely on the list.  Especially for the years where she has no say in what she wears and can't hide it away in her closet...  The pattern goes from 3-6 months to 8 years.  These pdf patterns are amazing in terms of how much use you can get out of them if you start early, so if you haven't tried one yet, you should!!

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