Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pattern Testing: Desmond Jacket

Another pattern test!! I was so excited to test this one, I have loved this pattern... also from Shwin & Shwin, the Desmond Jacket!
This pictures are horrendous... I'm obviously not a pro blogger!  but anyway... I upcycled a very large pair of women's pants for this jacket, and lined it with some fleece I've had stashed away for awhile. 

 The jacket has this cute rounded yoke at the back with a tab detail. I love the look of it.
If I remember correctly, the pattern actually doesn't have the seam down the middle, I think this was actually an original seam from the pants leg... yup, they were a VERY large pair of pants... the extra large women's clothes section is the BEST place to get fabric...

Funcional welt pockets (lined with fleece, yum!) and cute button tabs on the sleeves.

I sewed this for E, but actually sewed L's size 5. He actually did wear the jacket some though not so much now that it is so cold! However,  L modeled it for the fitting review.  So, another great unisex pattern if you girly it up!

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