Monday, October 10, 2011

Saturday Projects

So I've been told I am nesting since my c-section is scheduled for one week from today- Monday! To me, it feels like a mad scramble to get my to-do list finished... is that nesting?!  Anyway, this weekend I have been working on my Monkeyshiners stock (coming slooooowly along...) and also checked off a before baby project and a birthday gift!  

I used this easy peasy tutorial from Indietutes for the backpack.  

Sized for approximately a 2 year old, and no zips or anything to frustrate a little kiddo! Just that handy dandy little flap thing!
Now, the designer/author says you don't need any closure, and perhaps her fabric was sturdier than mine... mine sagged when i put my camera inside and the flap stayed open then, so i think the recipient's mama will be adding a snap or velcro and i'll be adding the same the next time.  

It is tiny, but I think its the perfect size for a little toddler and loved her suggestion about having toddler help carry his toys/sippy/diapers!  A few less things in the diaper bag is always a bonus, right?

I also was able to get the baby's carseat canopy done- I've never had one of these for either of my kids, so I'm excited to see how it compares to the old throw-the-blanket-over-the-canopy trick!
Sorry, the pictures are aweful- late at night, trying to be quiet and sneaky in the bathroom! Thus the bathrobe, potty stool, and unfinished floor...
I used this tutorial (also easy peasy!) from Sew Dang Cute. It has a nice little surprise... mine blends in a lot, can you see it?

 Peekaboo!  Cute little window to peek at the baby through or give him some fresh air!  The canopy is held on by those velcro straps, so its easily taken off to clean. 
And you can just toss it up and over the bar to get baby in and out! 

Lots of other things on my list for this week... we'll see what else I get done! These are both easy so projects if you are looking for something to get started (or get back into) sewing! Or if you sew a lot and want a quickie project (the backpack took about an hour and half!  and I'd guess the canopy was similar).

And yes, sewing your own would save you loads of money... Carseat canopies on run anyway from $25 to &70! (Check them out here if that doesn't freak you out and you want to support a WAHM!) You can make your own for about 2 yards of fabric ($10 bucks if you aren't picky about designers!) My outside fabric is home decor that was on clearance from and the inside is $4.44 a yard from Wally world! And that backpack is the perfect gift for a little toddler and mine didn't cost me anything! I had some leftover fabric at home- You could pick up enough fabric for less than $5 though- Joann's and Wally's have options for even less if you check their sales and remnants! So if you are as cheap frugal as I, you really should think about picking up a new hobby...


  1. Love our back pack Jess! Can't wait to use it. Right it's stuffed, and I do mean stuffed, full of his cars from yesterday's birthday party!

  2. Glad you liked it, Hope E does too!