Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pattern Testing: the Anytime at All Tee!

I'm so excited to be on a team of pattern testers for Shwin & Shwin.  They have a crafty sewing blog AND a pattern shop full of great patterns. Being a pattern tester means I get sneak peaks and sews of patterns she's working on, and the deadlines she gives are what I need to actually get things sewn up!  One of the ones I tested a little while back and again recently is the Anytime at All Tee, a GREAT basic tee-shirt with tons of options.  She gives colorblocking lines (2 different styles, plus you can mix and match to make slews of options!), pockets, short sleeves and long sleeves, and ruffles for girls! And one of the best things for me, is that the pattern goes from 3 months to 8 years old, and the 3-12 month patterns are bodysuits!  So useful for YEARS!  And its great for boys and girls! (I promise, I'm not an afiliate or anything... I just love this pattern and have already sewn it up 3 times plus using the arm pattern to make armwarmers for E!) 

And another important note:  Shwin & Shwin has this pattern along with other new patterns ON SALE!!! Just until midnight Sunday night, February 16, 2014, you can get it for $5.95 (regular $9)
Photo by Shwin & Shwin

So, on to my versions... Two I've sewn for E, who REALLY needs long sleeved tees since he jumped sizes on me and I wasn't prepared...

 This was the first one.  I try to sew most things from free or super cheap clothes I have stashed, and this was scrapped together from two tees. Obviously I did the colorblocking and long sleeves. LOVE it.  Such a great pattern.  If you check out the pattern page here or the photo above, you'll see there are tons of options with the colorblocking. Also below, I didn't do color blocking on the bodice, but still added it in the arms.  

Again, sewn up from two tees.  This is a pattern that pays for itself, if you have a thrift store that sells off stuff super cheap (mine gets rid of stuff for $0.49!) or buy from yard sales or take cast offs from family and friends!  I can't always find clothes in the right size at our Goodwill for 49 cents, but I can ALWAYS find tons of great fabric!

This is a really terrible picture, BUT I just wanted to show a girly version quick; this was Lia's Christmas outfit this year. The top is from the Anytime Tee pattern with ruffles (and sequins but really, don't ask...).  I also added a band at the bottom of hers, which was super easy, to help it look nice with her skirt.   Yet another great DIY option for a girl's top!  

So if you sew, check out the pattern and snap it up before prices go up.  There also a few other new patterns on sale too, so check them out as well!  (the pattern review post on her blog is here.) i have a couple more things I am now allowed to share coming up, and a few I forgot about completely too...

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