Thursday, February 13, 2014

Book Review: The Jesus Bible

We recieved a copy of the Jesus Bible to review this week.  This is an excellent Bible aimed at younger readers. There are so many great tools in it. First of all, its a sturdy hardbacked book and it uses the New International Version (NIV). This is not a simplified children's Bible, this is the whole entire Word of God, with added tools for kids.  Such as the book introductions: at the beginning of every book in the Bible is a one page intro which answers several typical questions such as who wrote the book, why and to whom.  But I love that it also asks "Where is Jesus in this book?"  I love that kids can start to see the connection to why we read Old Testament books or other dryer books from hundreds of years before He comes onto the scene.  They begin to see how the entire Bible is connected.  Another neat question is "What do we learn about God in this book?" Similarly, I think it's hard to understand some of the more obscure historical books, and I love that they help kids understand them.  There are also are devotions scattered throughout the book, focused on a verse of scripture and (in the one we read) referring to others in the passage.  My six year old loved this reading and was excited to read more. 
Also helpful are the smaller applications notes titled "Live Like Jesus" that help kids apply Jesus teachings to their own lives.  Finally, hints of the Savior and Jesus Revealed are small clues which tell of prophesies of Jesus coming and how they are being fulfilled.  They also include a scripture reference. 

This Bible has a neutral color scheme, great for a boy or girl;  It has a simple typface and simple passage headings to aid understanding.  I would definitely recommend this Bible for kids and young teens as a first Bible, and even for adults who are new Christians and want a simple introduction to the Bible.  If I had to give a criticism, it would be that my daughter was disappointed it wasn't a "girly" bible!  Maybe ZonderKidz will consider doing a "girly" one soon!  Overall, though, I'm thrilled with this Bible and happy to have it as my daughter's first Bible!

I recieved a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.  

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