Friday, January 21, 2011

Crayon "Roll"

Do your children’s crayons look like this?

You can't even see all the broken crayons down there, but... In hopes of avoiding the broken crayon mess, I decided to try a crayon roll -there are tutorials and crayon rolls for sale all over the crafty world on the internet… just google it (or sign up for swagbucks on my sidebar or click here and start earning free gift cards or prizes while searching!).
Happy Little Homes for each crayon!

And a notebook!  this will fit a 4x6 spiral bound notebook, but I didn't have one on hand (ok, really, I can't find it...), so I slid in a freebie notepad of that size.

I’m hoping this will help the crayons stay organized at home, as well as being able to throw it in my purse for church or appointments.  I wanted mine to fit a little 4x6 notebook, so it’s a little tall for the chunky crayons.  But an unplanned bonus… she can also use it for markers! 
This is also a very simple project; again if you can sew a straight line, you can make one! 

If you want to sew your own, here’s what I did: (if you don’t sew a lot, you may want to look for a tutorial online, they are very helpful with lots of photos and step by step instructions.)

how I did mine:
I cut 2 pieces of fabric (one for the inside and one for the outside). I would use something sturdy for the outside to help it keep shape.  My pieces were 10 inches by 25 ¾ inches.  I placed them right sides together and pinned 2 ends of a piece of elastic about 3 ½ inches from the top. My piece was about 11 inches long. You could also use one of those elastic headbands if you don’t have elastic and don’t want to purchase it. (Your elastic loop will be inside with your fabric, with just the ends lined up with the outside edges of the fabric. Sew with a ½ inch seam around the outside, leaving one end open. Turn and top stitch the whole way around, folding under the open, raw ends and sealing it shut with your topstitching. Fold the bottom up about 2 ¼ inches (lay your notebook in or measure just to be sure it will fit), and then sew up the sides creating a pocket.  Sew up a line about 4 ½ inches from one end (your notebook will fit in the big space) and then sew a line up every 1 ¼ inches (for fat crayons/markers). I drew my lines with a pen, if you are good, you could eyeball it!).

That’s it! Slide your crayons and notebook in and enjoy!


  1. I have one of those! Alex got it as a party favor. No notebook compartment though...nice addition! We don't use it on a day-to-day basis, but as the to-go crayon thing.

  2. Jess your creativity is remarkable! I'm hoping to get to a fabric store tomorrow! Be in touch soon :)