Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Scarf for ME!

Have you seen the loop scarves that are popping up everywhere? I found this book at our public library: Cowlgirls. They have beautiful ones that you can knit, and several have been added to my list of projects now, but I have to learn to knit first… and wanted a new scarf before next year! So I made myself an easy peasy loop scarf out of flannel and fleece!

Awful pics... sorry!
And it only cost me about $1.25 and 30 minutes or so!

I love the loop scarves cause there are no ends flopping around, and you can wear it with 2 loose rings, or snug one up on your neck!
If you can sew a straight line, you can save some money and make your own! A 6 inch cut of fleece is long enough to loop twice (if you want another loop you’d want a 12 inch cut to make it longer). I bought a 6 inch cut of flannel also, though, because it is not as wide, I Patchworked matching solid flannel in. You could also just buy a 12 inch cut and sew two pieces of the same fabric together. Another option would be to just buy 2 pieces of fleece, and sew them (note that it would be a bit stretchy then!). Fabric stores (even Walmart) will sell you a 6 inch piece, by the way. No need to buy extra! Below is how I sewed mine, (no pics sorry!) if you want to do your own!

1. Trim your piece of flannel to 6 inches. (I didn’t bother trimming my fleece, I figured the more the merrier!)

2. Patchwork your flannel, or add another piece so you have a piece as long as your fleece (I think I cut off a 2 inch piece or so from my fleece and it was still long enough!). I cut my main flannel into 3 pieces (approximately 14.5 inches each) and the cut 3 6 by 6 blocks of my solid flannel (I had this at home; if you don’t you’ll need to buy a bit of extra flannel). Lay them right sides together and hem. Press open your seams. Continue til you have a length of flannel as long as your fleece.

3. Lay the fleece and flannel right sides together. Sew the long ends (I used ¼ inch seams, but you can use what ever you are comfortable with.), making a long tube with 2 open ends. Since I didn’t bother to trim my fleece piece, it was a little wider than the flannel. I just lined up my fabrics so the edges were straight, even though the fleece bubbles a bit in the middle.)

4. Turn it right side out. Press seams if you want (I just straightened them as I went) and topstitch it (sew down those long ends about ¼ inch or less from the sewn edge).

5. Now take your open unfinished ends. Fold the raw ends of one end inside the tube. Tuck the other end in, creating the loop, and pin it. Check both sides to make sure they are lined up and raw ends are hidden. Stitch over once or twice and you are done!

Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of that last one. If you want to make one and are confused, leave a comment and I’ll gladly take the chance to make another and take some pictures!
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  1. I love it! Seriously, ought to give private lessons!