Thursday, January 6, 2011

Easy kid's scarf

My little girl has had no scarf all winter and after seeing some cute scarves on other blogs, especially this one on Living with Punks, I thought of a way to make one she can (hopefully) do herself!
Sorry in advance for the terrible pictures...

This scarf is simple! Flannel and fleece with a loop at one end to pull the long tail through!

See?  And she CAN do it herself! YAY!

This is what we get when we ask her to smile now...
This scarf was SOOOO simple. Any level sewer could whip one up in no time!  If you'd like to make your own, read on (no pics, sorry, but really, its so simple you don't even need them!).

All I did is cut 2 rectangles (one fleece, one flannel); for my 3 year old, I cut them 5  inches by 31 inches. Lay them right sides together and sew around the entire thing (I used 1/2 inch seams) EXCEPT for one short end. Turn it right side out, pushing out your corners, and topstitch, starting at one end of the  unfinished short end, going up the long end first and all around. When you get back to the unfinished piece, tuck the ends up inside and pin, creating a finished edge.  Fold it over about 4 inches (I made it JUST big enough to reach adult fingers through to grab the tail, but big enough for a child's hand) and stitch it down, sealing the unfinished tail. That's it!  Any questions, let me know, I can make a tutorial with pictures- My girlie would love another!
Very simple and very inexpensive!

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