Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Gifts: Faux Chenille blankets

I've been sewing up some baby gifts recently... I used this tutorial to make 2 baby blankets, including this one.
Soft flannel on the outside, yummy satin binding (don't look at my iffy binding job though) and three layers of fabric on the back that will fluff up to be nice and soft!
They are definitely a labor of love, with lots of sewing (best to think of it as quilting as the tutorial author says!) and cutting (definitely an eek!!!! moment when you cut into your newly sewn, brand new blanket!). But soft and yummy and not too heavy! 

These pictures were taken after just one wash and dry; the more they are washed and dried, the softer and fluffier they should get!

I've got two more of these on my list for my boys (my girlie already has a really super soft minky one that the recipient of the above blanket actually gifted her at her birth!), and plan to try the next one with layers of flannel on the back.

This tutorial is great, though I actually ignored the part about using the adhesive spray, I just pinned a bit and it worked alright! There's also another tutorial here where the author uses flannel.

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