Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recovered Kid's Chair

When the temps in my house were over 90 DOWNSTAIRS, the kids and I fled to central air at Grammy and Pappy's!  Trying to make the best use of my time, I took a few projects along... and actually got to check one off my list!
The new and improved! I didn't even take a pic of the old one; trust me, it was all ripped up from the dog and getting moldy... ew.

I haven't actually seen anyone online doing this, and I'm not sure if the bigtime crafty girls think its a waste of time, or if I'm the only one stupid enough to give it a try, but it actually wasn't too difficult and cost me about $3!  I bought about 3/4 yard of fabric from Walmart (I can't remember if its actually outdoor fabric... i think its home decor) but I could have gotten away with a 1/2 yard for sure. I actually only needed about 15 inches i think! 

I also used some heavy fabric from my Grandma-supplied stash- they were cut to be a huge pair of pants, which was JUST wide enough to give my chair some support. (I couldn't figure out who would want to wear pants made of such heavy stiff material anyway...) and reused the plastic... grommets? from the old chair.
There's the grommet!  I also sewed a bit of ribbon on to hold the arm down onto the chair, otherwise they slid off too easily.

I also added two in the back of the chair, so that you can lift the chair by the back without it sliding off.

Bonus of the little ties:  the whole thing can be easily removed and thrown in the washer! 
And it still folds up nicely!  I did have to retie the ties when in the above position, otherwise it was a bit tight.  They still work well in the open position as well.

I used the old peices i took off the yicky old dog eaten moldy chair fabric to use as a pattern for my new one, but instead of binding edges, i turned and topstitched. Love the way it looks, and now my girlie has a new and unique chair, and for about $2.50!  Might have to attack the red faded Cars "found" chair for one of the boys next...


  1. This rocks....I need to do this for about 3 chairs! Thanks for the inspiration. I'd love if you linked up at my Weekend Craft Hop!

  2. THank you so much! I'll check it out!