Sunday, July 10, 2011

Casserole Carrier and Potholders!

I’d been wanting a reason to try out this tutorial for a casserole carrier, and have plans to replace my mess of hand-me-down potholders with pretty new ones, so when my cousin recently was married, I took the chance to make both! Both were fairly simple.
The simplicity of the casserole carrier makes it flexible for various types of pans, and so easy to take your dish to a potluck or anywhere it needs to travel!

 I used batting instead of insulbright (just using what’s available locally), so it won’t keep heat or cold in quite as well, but should definitely do the trick! I can’t wait to do one for myself (unfortunately my list of things to sew is a little too long…).

The potholders were kind of meshed together from various tutorials in blogland. This one mainly. There’s a nice little pocket to tuck your hand into when grabbing things.

Also fairly simple (I winged the bias tape rather than taking the time to look for this tutorial which gives great directions on mitering the corners). Definitely on my list for myself so I can get my potholders out of my drawer space and up on the wall as décor!

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