Friday, July 16, 2010

Beach bag v.2

Without further ado….

You can't really see it here, but I used my buttons to close up the sides (rather than gathering with the ribbon), and sewn on the straps permanently, which also uses much less ribbon. I made some loops out of 3/8 inch ribbon to close up the sides with my buttons.

It makes a HUGE bag!  (fold your beach towel in half and that's how big this is almost!)
I think it will work great for L's floaty, sand toys, other beach towels and other things that are going to come right out anyway.  And it still has the handy pockets to throw your keys, phone, book, etc in.
As I worked on this, it did feel like a lot of work… handsewing all the buttons and adding loops…But the buttons make a cute accent, no? and did I say it's HUGE?!
Stay tuned for version 3… In my head, it seems it will be simpler and quicker to do…

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