Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Burp Cloth Project

So my poor E has been using thin junky washcloths and pink burp cloths for the most part to catch his spit ups!  I never got around to buying new ones! So I'm experimenting with making up some new ones (which MAY end up in the Monkeyshiners "Shop").
Obviously, I was experimenting with rounded corners vs. square.  I bought some terry and pretty moda fabric, but am not completely pleased yet.
For one thing, they seem HUGE to me... so I'm going to play with the size a bit.  I'm also not really pleased with the terry; it will be very functional, and I will definitely use up the rest without any problems, but (especially for sale) it seems to look a bit sloppy to me.  I'm thinking of chenille or (yummy!) sherpa or cotton velour...
Feel free to comment on your favorite burp cloth sizes and materials!  For baby E, absorbancy is KEY since he's still making quite a mess sometimes. But I would LOVE something super soft and yummy to touch.  And he deserves something pretty (but boyish!) too!

This is another way you can save money if you sew at all... a yard of terry cost me 5.99 at my local quilter's shop and the Moda fabric was 6.99 (though I added a bit more of the other print to embellish- Wouldn't be necessary though, and probably will not happen on the rest); With this super-huge size I tried first, I was going to get 9 burp cloths, so as they shrink that number goes up! I'm pretty sure they'll end up being cheaper than a pack of burp cloths anywhere.  And its definitely not a difficult project:  Sew straight lines, turn and top stitch (in straight lines!)

Stay tuned for more in my burp cloth saga (when I finally decide on my next fabric choice...)

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