Monday, July 12, 2010

Changing pad

I’ve never been a fan of carrying a changing pad. As if I need one more thing in my bag! But I thought I’d try one out and see if I could incorporate it somehow into my diaper clutch (you can check those out on my facebook page!). For this one, I just used things I had around the house, some flannel fabric and a hand towel. I cut my flannel the same size as the hand towel, sewed around, clipped the corners and turned and topstitched. Here it is:
It's folded in half to show both sides.

When I fold it in half longways, and then fold it in about 4 inch increments it’s the perfect size to fit with the diaper clutch.

I sewed up an extender tab quickly and put on some snaps so I could fill my clutch with diapers and still get the strap around the changing pad. It does make the clutch a little bulky, but still gives the convenience to “grab and go” to change your little one’s bum. I’m considering adding these to the Monkeyshiners line-up, though I’d like it to be a bit trimmer and flatter; perhaps new terry and pretty quilter’s cotton instead of flannel. But this will work for now; we’ll see if I get into carrying it with me! If you like this idea, leave a comment here, or write a note on my facebook wall! A little interest gives me a lot of motivation!

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