Thursday, July 8, 2010

Entryway Organization!

After finding little items floating all over the place in our entryway and getting stuck in different places, i decided to make an organizer!

I measured the size I wanted and planned out my pockets (though I did some switching when i sewed since they seemed a bit small on the one row!).   I made my own bias tape to top off the vinyl and go around the outside.  I sewed the bias tape to the top of my pockets first, then sewed them onto the main body fabric.  Then I sewed the strip along the bottom of the pockets to hide the raw edges, and finally sewed it around the outside and added the ties.

I'm pretty happy so far, though we'll see how it holds up when L realizes it's there... It's not my favorite fabric either- just some I had around the house, but I didn't have to buy anything! Free is always good... Now we'll see if I get around to doing another soon for the living room- I need to get those remote controls, and Playstation stuff rounded up!

As a side-note, you could very easily do this with a shoe organizer or similar item if you don't sew!  I'm just too cheap frugal to buy one!  And I like that this fits the items I want and I can see through the pockets!

oh, and btw, I'm so  excited for the chance to win a Silhouette digital cutting tool!  you can too- check it out at Little Birdie Secrets here!

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